Vegan Chocolate Energy Balls Recipe

I am so excited to share this easy recipe that is perfect for back to school, on the go, and traveling! This week we are spending our vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia and I made this easy snack for our six hour drive.

 Another thing I really enjoy about this recipe is you can customize ingredients for different combinations or flavors you like. (I will be making pumpkin energy balls this fall so stay tuned for that recipe!)

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I also love that these are no bake and take about only 5-10 minutes to make! 
Plus you could even freeze them and have a supply always waiting on the go. 

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+1 cup of rolled oats 
+10 pitted dates 
+2 tbsp chia seeds
+1 tbsp of cacao powder
+1/4 cup walnuts 
+2 tbsp maple syrup 
+1 tbsp almond butter 


Add the rolled oats, dates, maple syrup, cacao powder, 
chia seeds, and almond butter to a food processor

Pulse Blend till all ingredients are mixed well

Add in the walnuts and pulse for a few seconds

Move all ingredients to a mixing bowl

Using a Tablespoon measuring spoon scope out mixture and form balls

Place energy balls onto a baking sheet and place in the freezer for 15-20 mintues 

Move energy balls into a container and keep refrigerator until ready to enjoy

(Ours lasted all six hours in the car with us & were still held together + delicious!)

I love how awesome these energy balls are to change the ingredients. 
You like peanut butter - just swipe it for the almond butter! 
Love coconut - You can always add it inside or roll the energy ball to coat it.
Love vanilla? Add it to the recipe! 
Flax fan instead of chia seeds? No problem! 

I'll be sharing my favorite easy vegan energy ball recipes that I love all throughout the year with you guys! This is a must recipe for anyone on the go and even an amazing healthy snack for kids!

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