Green Light Juice Cleanse

I recently completed a three day juice cleanse from Green Light Juice. I absolutely loved this companies juices! I've done a few cleanses and it really makes a difference if the juice is enjoyable to drink. Green Light Juice is 100% enjoyable and made this cleanse really wonderful to complete. Another amazing thing about this company is that they are from Pittsburgh, PA (my hometown!). I love supporting local shops and again the product they make is amazing (& totally stands on its own). 

So before we get into how my cleanse went I wanted to share some 
information on the shop Green Light Juice.

Who is GreenLight Juice?
  • We are a small group of juice lovers, passionately creating FRESH nutrient dense juices and smoothies.
  • Our mission is to provide the highest quality organic cold pressed juices and organic made to order smoothies.
What makes GreenLight Juice different? 
  • The ingredients are far and away to number one aspect of our small company
  • Hand crafted recipes and all juices made in-house
  • We love nutrient dense juices, we pack over 1 pound of produce in each bottle!
  • Oh yeah! And we actually tell you how much of each ingredient is contained per bottle! No other company is this transparent! Check out our bottle labels to see this!
What is Cold Pressed?
  • Our juices are made with a hydraulic cold press machine 
  • Cold Press: preserves the maximum amount of enzymes & nutrients 
  • Traditional heat juicers: kills many of the most beneficial nutrients 
Why Organic?
  • The ingredients in our juices are the most important part of our small company.  We believe in supporting local & organic farmers to source the produce for our juices
  • We use only ORGANIC ingredients in our juices 
  • If you were to drink juice from non-organic produce, you would naturally also be drinking the pesticides from the fruits & vegetables. That is why it is so important to be strictly ORGANIC!
Why Juice?
  • Drinking organic cold pressed juice is one of the most powerful ways to get your daily source of fruits & veggies. By drinking fruits & veggies, your body is able to absorb the enzymes & nutrients much faster. 

Things I love about Green Light Juice:

1.) The percentages of each ingredient that is labeled right on the bottle. I love knowing how much of what ingredeint is making up my juice. A lot of time a green juice might have just a tiny bit of greens in it and made up of mostly fruit. On this Greens I bottle (picture above) you can see apple makes up just about half but the greens are about 30% of the juice. 

I feel better knowing what exactly are the percentages of each item in my drink. This is something I haven't seen another juice company do and I think its amazing of Green Light Juice to include it. 

2.) They are organic and taste good! Juice cleanses take a little bit of will power in my opinion so if the juice that your drinking tastes amazing it helps! I've done a few juice cleanses and the ones that taste good tend to be a little bit easier. I thought each juice was an amazing blend of vegetables & fruit with the right balance. I look forwards to drinking them and it didn't seem like a struggle to get them down. Making sure you enjoy the juice you'll be drinking for 3, 5, or even long is really important. Of course organic is important! Since your trying to help your body with a cleanse you want to make sure its organic and not filled with pesticides. 

3.) The price is reasonable! I've seen a lot of overpriced juice cleanse that will leave your wallet very empty. Green Light Juice has three different cleanses to pick from and the prices are very reasonable.
1 day cleanse: $36
3 day cleanse: $108
Each juice is roughly around $6

You don't have to be a Kardashians in order to improve your healthy with Green Light Juice cleanse. Its very affordable & organic... can't beat it.

4.) Pittsburgh Pride. Green Light Juice is located in Squirrel Hill (2108 Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217and supporting local business is really important to me. I also love the Pittsburgh skyline they include on every juice. Hint: Check out the details in the straw on the label.
How awesome are they!

So how did my three day juice cleanse go?

Amazing! I had such an awesome time doing this cleanse. Partly I believe it was important to prepare the day before thanks to the awesome tips Green Light Juice listed on the website.

Prior to the cleanse:
36 hours prior to the cleanse eat whole foods: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds
Avoid: meats, processed foods, dairy
If you are a daily coffee drinker, we advise you ween yourself back to one small cup per day of black coffee 5 days prior to beginning the cleanse.  It is okay to drink a small cup of coffee each day during the cleanse, just make sure it is black coffee (NO sugar & cream)
Mentally prepare yourself for a powerful detox and think of how great you will feel after cleansing your body 
Doing the recommended eating whole food clean 36 hours before gave me a great place to start. 

I did the Yellow Cleanse from Green Light Juice which is the Intermediate Cleanse. 

  • Benefits of the Yellow Cleanse: Detox & reboot your body from the buildup of harmful toxins. The Yellow Cleanse is great for providing a mix of our juices to give you a well balanced cleanse, packed with beneficial vitamins & nutrients. After completing the cleanse, you'll feel healthy, happy, glowing and motivated towards living a healthy eating lifestyle!  
    The hardest day of the cleanse for me is the first day. I don't think its feeling hungry but its the fact of not "chewing" anything all day. The cleanse comes with 6 juices to enjoy per day. So every 2-3 hours I enjoyed a juice and drank lots of water throughout the day. After day one I saw a two pound difference on the scale, which who doesn't love. The second and third day was pretty easy. I also noticed the more I keep busy the easier the cleanse goes. I just made sure I was working or busy with something to keep my mind focused. Also drinking water is the key. Make sure you are getting in 8 glasses of water a day. It will make all the difference, trust me.  At the end of day three I had lost around 5-6 pounds total. I felt I had more energy and less cravings. Which is amazing because we just came off of Thanksgiving when I started my cleanse. Seriously my favorite time to do a cleanse is after a holiday. I won't be as tempted to grab a vegan Christmas cookie now. The three day cleanse was a success and I will totally be doing a cleanse with Green Light Juice again! Ending the cleanse is just as important as preparing for it so I suggest following the recommendations from Green Light Cleanse
    After the Cleanse:

    The following day, you will begin to introduce solid food back into your diet.  We highly recommend starting with small portions of whole foods (fruits & veggies). Focus on easily digestible foods to make the transition as stress-free as possible for your body.

    Ideally we'd advise you to eat solid foods for the first 24 hours after the cleanse (DO NOT eat a large pizza at the end of the cleanse!) Yes we have seen this done before. 

    Enjoy your rejuvenated mind & body!  Trust us, after completing a cleanse, you will feel amazing! The best part about cleansing is kickstarting your body to begin eating whole healthy foods, and of course incorporating a daily juice into your diet!
    If your interested in doing a cleanse to reset from the holidays, use my discount code: Jaroudi10 for a 10% discount on your cleanse. I'd love to hear your experience! 

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