The Secret to a Great Nights Rest

Are you ready for the best night sleep you've ever had?

I'm someone who is a pretty light sleeper and this has been the best thing ever for it.
Also my husband works different hours than me so when he is up really early this allows me to stay asleep.

The Sound+Sleep MINI is streamlined and compact. It is designed for travel and smaller living spaces. Like the original Sound+Sleep, sleep therapy machine, the Sound+Sleep Mini provides the realistic, natural sound environments and white noise to help you sleep better and mask out noises. It also features patented Adaptive Sound Technology that listens and responds to background disturbances and can work off batteries to bring it on the go. Get a better night’s sleep the natural way, wherever you are, with the SOUND+SLEEP MINI.

Sleep Better.
No Prescription Necessary. The SOUND+SLEEP MINI redefines the science of sleep.
Patented Adaptive Sound™ technology has the ability to continuously and automatically “listen” to your background for unwanted and disruptive ambient noise. In less than a tenth of a second, the MINI
responds to intrusive noises by remixing sound profiles and adjusting volume to neutralize outside sounds.

The value of a good night’s sleep, especially when traveling is priceless.
Nearly half a billion people worldwide suffer from sleep disorders, spending an estimated $16 billion annually on treatment.

A leading consumer publication reports that sound machines proved almost as effective as sleeping pills.

SOUND+SLEEP MINI is the perfect natural solution that will allow you to relax and replenish your mind and body—for less than one month of sleeping medication.

SOUND+SLEEP offers 12 distinct sound profile categories scientifically engineered to promote a deeper sleep, relaxation and renewal: Ocean, Rainfall, Meadow, Brook, Waterfall, and White Noise
(White/Pink/Brown noises and Electric Fan).

Unlike other “white noise” sound machines, SOUND+SLEEP MINI uses naturally recorded, high-definition sounds and do not loop

I can't tell you how much I love our new sound + sleep mini! 
Our favorite sounds is of the rain which is so peaceful and gets me right to sleep. 

Additional features include:
+ Adaptive Sound™ listens and responds to your environment
+ Small, sleek and stylish functional design
+ Upward facing speakers for full room high-definition sound
+ Display lights can be turned on or off for easy nighttime operation
+ Sleep Timer can be set for gentle turn off in 30, 60, or 90 minutes or left on all night
+ Sound Richness control for deeper more complex sound profiles
+ Option to run off 4 AA batteries for long life and use while on the go
+ Audio line out and in for listening via headphones or connecting your device

Sound Options
Choose from 10+ sound stories taken from natural environments or non-repeating unique fan and white noise sounds.
Sound Richness Control
Add layers of audio for a more enhanced, immersive sound profile.
USB, AC, or Battery Power
The MINI features the option to run on 4AA batteries for long life and use while on the go.
Adaptive Sound Technology
Patented, innovative technology that adjusts volume automatically based on ambient noise levels in your environment, so you always get the best listening experience in real-time. 2016-02-12 12-28-55
Sleep Timer
Set your Sound+Sleep or Sound+Sleep MINI to poweroff once you have drifted off.
Awesome Support
A commitment to stand behind our products and to serve our family of Sound+Sleep customers.
Make sure you check our this amazing Sound+Sleep device here


  1. Cool product, Sound+Sleep MINI, Sleep THerapy system, I want one...

  2. I need a white noise machine. It can take me an hour or more to get to sleep and even then I have trouble staying asleep for more than a couple hours.Need to find top rated white noise machine. I’m going to try out some white noise and see if it helps.