Gratitude Walk // Tips to help

- Gratitude Walk the Day after Thanksgiving -

The day of Thanksgiving is suppose to be a day of being thankful but sometimes is a world wind of family, cooking, preparing, and before you know it its over. 

I really loved taking a gratitude walk with my husband the day after Thanksgiving. 

We headed to our favorite walking trail in Penn-Trafford (if your from the east of Pittsburgh area) and took a long walk just speaking of things we were grateful for. I'd love to share a few tips for taking a gratitude walk that I found helpful.

Tips for a Gratitude Walk:

+ Find a peaceful location to walk in with minimal distractions or people around. The more literal space you have, the more breathing space you'll have and the more freeing the walk will be.

+ Take a notepad and pen so you can jot down a list of 10 things you are completely grateful for. Feel that gratitude then walk on. Also jot down any ideas about projects to pursue or actions to take.

+ Take a deep breath in for five and out for five and notice your surroundings. Keep your head up as you walk. Look around you, breath it all in, then let those creative thoughts flow.

+ Create the time to walk regularly. 
Just 15 minutes per day or even every other day will have a positive impact on your life.

+ Leave your phone or electronics in the car so you won't be distracted. 

I think this is something I want to get in the habit of doing every week. 

Leave a comment below letting me know if you've ever done a gratitude walk 
plan to start!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

[I loved taking my camera as well and taking all of these nature shots!]


  1. This is a wonderful idea!! I love walking, so the idea of walking and thinking about everything I'm thankful for is great!
    Sincerely, Sara