DIY Halloween Costume!

Can you guess who we are going as this year on Halloween? 

Mona Lisa and the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci!

Of course me being the art teacher I wanted to think of something awesome to do as well as make it a couples costume. Mona Lisa is the painting I just reviewed with my one class that I thought this would be perfect! 

I love how my husbands costume of Leonardo da Vinci turned out, and mine will be a huge hit having it in my art class after Halloween is over. 

These were so easy and simple to make that I wanted to share with you these DIY Halloween costumes.

What you'll need for the Mona Lisa

-Mod Podge (here)
-Mod Podge Brush (here)
-Gold Spray Paint
-Large Frame 24x36
-Mona Lisa Poster 24x36 (here)
-Foam Board

First step is to cut out the face of the Mona Lisa.

Make sure you take your time with this, and I even bought an extra poster in case of messing up this part. (Luckily I didn't have to use the second one!)

Next you want to draw on the foam board the size of the empty Mona Lisa face.
I just traced it with a pen, and then cut out the shape very carefully.

I made the cut a little bigger than the shape of her face, 
that way you can't see the foam board once its assembled. 

I then took the mod podge onto a brush and painted the form board evenly. 

This is the hardest step. 

Place the poster onto of the foam board and try to evenly distribute any lumps you may have.

The next step is making our wooden frame look gold! 

I just got some gold spray paint, took out the glass, and sprayed the frame outside.

This is really easy and it transformed the frame to look like it holds a famous painting. 

Last step after the gold frame dries is to add your Mona Lisa foam board just like you'd add a picture.

What you'll need for the Leonardo da Vinci

-Plastic Paint Palette 
-Paint Brush
-Hobbit Gandalf Beard (here)
-Monk Robe (here)
-Black Wool Beret (here)

Put all of it together and you get the famous artist Leonardo da Vinci!

Be sure you share any DIY Halloween costumes with me! 

I love see how creative you are and they really make my day! 

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  1. This is so creative! I love it!