DIY Minion Pumpkins! - and DIY Evil Minion Pumpkins!

I just think the minion movies are the cutest! So of course when I was think what to do with a few pumpkins I bought, I thought - Minion Pumpkins! 

This is really so easy to make that anyone can do it! 

Things you'll need:
-2 large pumpkins 
-1 can of yellow spray paint
-1 can of purple spray paint
-Cardboard Box

This is such an easy way to paint the entire pumpkin! I just spray one pumpkin yellow and the other one purple. Using a large cardboard box helps make sure spray paint stays off of your yard. 
I allowed 2 hours for the paint to dry on the pumpkins.

Decorating your minion and evil minion you'll need:
-Small Paint Brushes
-2 Mason Jar Lids
-Gorilla Super Glue
-Black Pipe Cleaners
-Paint in the colors- blue, light blue, black, and white

Once your pumpkins are dry you can start making them into minions and evil minions! 

The regular minion DIY

I brought the yellow pumpkin inside to decorate. You can relax painting your minions by having music on or your favorite TV show. I just love making new DIY projects.

I started off making the pants of the regular minion. I had a printed out photograph to look back and forward with for a reference. I painted a lighter blue pocket on the front. While that was drying I was able to focus on making the eye for the minion.

I flipped the inside of the mason lid and glued it into the outer rim. Once that was set, I used this painters maker to draw my eye ball for the minion. I then used my glue and placed it on the bottom of the lid to apply it onto the pumpkin.

Holding it in place for about 5 minutes should give it enough time to really stick onto the pumpkin.
I then used the same painter marker to draw my minions smile. Once I finished the blue pants of my minion was dry.

I then took my black regular paint and added my details. The black line on either side of the eye, the G on the front pockets, and really making it look like the minion pants. 

Almost finished! Now all you have to do is add the hair! I just used the black pipe cleaners (cut into 6 sections and super glued them to the top of the minions head). 

Yay! Your finished! Let your minion dry for about 20 minutes before moving him outside. 
[I did a second coat of darker blue on the middle section of the pants- making them look more like jeans after I finished]

Ready for the evil minion pumpkin?

You want to just do the same thing to this one! The eye is pretty much exactly the same.
 I had a photograph of the evil minion I wanted to make, so I just painted the mouth being the focus. The pants for this one I just added dark blue paint to the very bottom. 

The hair was very easy, just wrap the pipe clears around the stump of the pumpkin.
 I just bent them in all different ways to make that crazy evil minion hair. 
And your finished! 

Two pumpkins that will get people to really look twice when walking past your yard!
 I love them!

Be sure to send me photographs if you make this DIY minion and evil minion pumpkin!
I just love seeing your creations!

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